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New final score record with 145 points in 48 minutes (yeah, this is another record!  )

old records: cheetos 130, nashua 109

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Best Score in 10 mins: Ging 84

Another great record from gingy, his second this year.

great job mate!

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Posted on 20 March 2005 at 15:17:12 by Cheeetos.  0/5

nice :)
Posted on 22 March 2005 at 04:06:11 by GinG.  0/5

was a pleasure for me ..... its hard to have records when u playin world of warcraft almost all of ur time :)
Posted on 22 March 2005 at 17:11:05 by Cheeetos.  0/5

Ehehe WoW is idd addictive :D

lvl/char/serv amigo?
Posted on 24 March 2005 at 13:50:59 by GinG.  0/5

yeah and i m addicted ...omg help me pls O_o

lvl 60 / Paladin Dwarf/ German PvE (for now will change soon) Baelgun


and i m collecting money for my 100% fast epic mount ...damn i want that black ramm




P.S. name of my char is Dwargwarf


and i ve also seen english players on my server ..man thats tuff for them to play on german servers ... but we germans are somehow multilingual ..so no problem to talk with him ...

Posted on 24 March 2005 at 20:22:16 by Cheeetos.  0/5

bleh post didnt get thru.

16 pala - Runetotem - dwarf - PvE Eng

man lvl 60....how long u been playing?

im barely into my month free :p
Posted on 24 March 2005 at 23:47:40 by GinG.  0/5

hrhr ... my month free is all gone ... but i tell u i got a playtime of about 15 days where i got to lvl 60

just type in /played and u will see urs.

60 is great especially when there are only 36 peeps on the whole server which are lvl 60

(27 on alliance side and rest on horde) so its quit....owning ..in quake words.

and i love that game ...maybe i need a teraphy for it :)

Posted on 25 March 2005 at 10:04:30 by Cheeetos.  0/5

eek long time :D

will type it in later - atm too tired to play it :p

not sure what a teraphy is but sure u can have 1 why not :p
Posted on 25 March 2005 at 11:36:41 by Cheeetos.  0/5

urf no edit :s

server down till 10gmt...now dloading update at 9kbs :( :( (sometimes goes down to 4! :( )

Posted on 25 March 2005 at 13:15:56 by GinG.  0/5

lol yeah hrhr ;)
Posted on 25 March 2005 at 13:26:12 by Cheeetos.  0/5

ok dloaded...2hours :s

but some probs...so ill fix those then finally can say how long played :p
Posted on 25 March 2005 at 13:35:26 by Cheeetos.  0/5

bleh turns out servers down...

will have to try again at like 18:00 then :s (out)

man damn me for having this crazed addiction!!!

Chee needs his world of warcraft!

++ dammit the no edit button :p
Posted on 27 March 2005 at 15:44:36 by Cheeetos.  0/5

ok i forgot about played command for a while so just logged in and did it:

lvl 19 = 2days 14hours

Bleh i need to level quicker :p
Posted on 29 March 2005 at 07:51:26 by GinG.  0/5

yes u do ... i m only 288 gold away from my epic mount ...WHOOOWWWWWEEEEE
Posted on 29 March 2005 at 12:19:58 by Cheeetos.  0/5

omg those things are prrrrriiiiicccccccceeeeeeeyyyyy :p

only have 9g ha! :D

Posted on 29 March 2005 at 23:12:13 by Cheeetos.  0/5

lvl 21
/played = 3days 1hour

man so many hours for 2levels! gaaaah

next time im on - pally  quest then levelling only :p
Posted on 30 March 2005 at 14:37:07 by GinG.  0/5

hm.... only 216 gold to go.... but i think i can shrink it down to 150 today.... and lend me the rest from gildmembers to pay it back later.... so ...

today is epic mount day :p

Posted on 30 March 2005 at 16:02:41 by Cheeetos.  0/5

jesus :D

which proffessions u got amigo?

just brought new sword - 3g :s

Bleh 6g left now...

Btw if u have any tips on making money lemme know plz :D

(pala spells/abilities are pricey)

*pictures ging riding on epic mount into a tree...* Ehhee
Posted on 31 March 2005 at 10:51:38 by GinG.  0/5

i got my epic mount now. ever seen a pala on a black ramm ? :p
best to gather a lot of money is to go to an area with mobs who drop money when u kill them and items of course ;)
maybe search in the areas u are for rar monsters they are marked as they have a gray dragon around their picture...they almost always drop items... just look on wow.allakazham.com
lot of good informations for ya.
i really do like my epic ramm....
Posted on 31 March 2005 at 12:48:40 by Cheeetos.  0/5

nice with the ram :D

went to the ram breeder guy to check what u meant - nice :D

*more pictures of pala on ram*

thx for info amigo :D

++ already knew allakazham.com - but still thx :D

will take a look for mobs on alla (not done that b4..just other things)

--- note this has turned into a WoW talk zone - Moahaa :D

*goes off on alla*
Posted on 01 April 2005 at 09:53:56 by GinG.  0/5

u can also choose www.thottbot.com very helpfull side.... to compare with informations of ala....
i will post some pics today for u my friend ...maybe in the stuff section of 333 board only to show the peeps what kinda damn good game wow is !!!
Posted on 01 April 2005 at 14:10:47 by Cheeetos.  0/5

Rawr :D

*checks the site*

ahh this helps nice with the lvl 20pala quest :D

(couldnt work out where the ogres/orcs whatever were - got a fair guess now :p)

thx amigo  :D
Posted on 01 April 2005 at 15:04:42 by GinG.  0/5

np those are my two favorites ;)
helped me a lot in the past
Posted on 01 April 2005 at 18:59:47 by Cheeetos.  0/5


omg took 5mins for it to detect my char and now nothing works...got a crowd of about 100 peeps sitting outside IF bank saying blizzard sucks....

hoping its a April fools gag..which we all get a week free for :p
Posted on 02 April 2005 at 14:57:54 by Mr*K!nG.  0/5

very impressive ging :)
Posted on 04 April 2005 at 10:10:33 by GinG.  0/5

hm... i think the patch n is a pain in the ass ...damn lags in the instances of dire maul...interrupting me when i want to heal somebody ...bleeeee
anyway nex taim is the pali complet set Lightforge ...damn that set roxx :P
Posted on 05 April 2005 at 23:20:41 by Cheeetos.  0/5

waaa lol :D

/slaps king for a real reply :p

idd its all
*blizzard staff -"i forgot what we do now!! Lets just lag"*

Posted on 06 April 2005 at 07:29:27 by GinG.  0/5

yeah .... that 1.3 patch is really a pain in the ass ....first it screwed USA and now it screws us !!!
i hate the damn lags in instanzes ...... keep interrupting me while i want to heal
Posted on 06 April 2005 at 16:03:06 by Cheeetos.  0/5

eep :D
well at least u can play :p

at least 1 week b4 i can :(

Posted on 08 April 2005 at 14:48:21 by GinG.  0/5

hm... so what ? .... show me that u can reach lvl 60 in 15 days of "/played"-time ;) than u can say ..."hey u just started a week befor" :p
Posted on 08 April 2005 at 14:56:41 by Cheeetos.  0/5


oki deal....when i get playing again im gonna level up get it in 10days of /played :p

i remember some1 in IF level 42 said had /played of 7days so should be possible :p

Posted on 11 April 2005 at 13:28:56 by GinG.  0/5

remember that u need more xp the higher u reach ;)
Posted on 15 April 2005 at 11:37:52 by Cheeetos.  0/5

oh crap....

/slap :p

Hmm - need a rethink <:D
Posted on 17 April 2005 at 13:53:00 by Cheeetos.  0/5

i have found a cure for the adiction of WoW :D

GuildWars - Ehehhehe....its like WoW with a some thing less + all on 1 serv + no monthly payments...Rawr

Posted on 20 April 2005 at 15:44:16 by GinG.  0/5

i dont think they ll stand a chance against wow ....cause wow got a support ...u cant have a good support without any regular payments :p its the same with DAoC and SW:Galaxys ....no game with good support and dev team without monthly payments the keep the servers alive on a high constant lvl ;) so i think see u back soon on WoW :p
Posted on 20 April 2005 at 22:26:53 by Cheeetos.  0/5

hehe ill play both...

man been like 3/4weeks without WoW (the month should be long over now...) dammit.....5-7days should be back :p
Posted on 26 April 2005 at 17:41:20 by Cheeetos.  0/5

darn it where the heck is my grphx card!!!

bah im calling them dammit!
Posted on 27 April 2005 at 10:48:20 by GinG.  0/5

hrhrhr .... man its so much more fun now.....
raiding instanzes every day over an over again ... after 1 week of everyday scholomance and stratholm raids we finally got the key to upper blackrock spire ...wooohheeeee..... damn it ... on of the fastest instanzes to handle with a 15 men group...love to raid drakkisath over an over again until he spits out my damn lightforge breast plate :-p
Posted on 27 April 2005 at 17:03:36 by Cheeetos.  0/5

hehehe no idea what u mean but sounds coola :p


been playin a lil but been helping a m8 i known from q3 for loooooonnnggg time...(back in when 1.29 came out) he just got so only level 12 so far but meh...ull win the bet bastardooo

Posted on 27 April 2005 at 22:10:41 by Cheeetos.  0/5

amigo could u give me some directions plz? cos i looked at maps and just cant tell...

lvl 24 and still on lvl 20pala quest...need a hand in finding what way to go....I have the Wood + Ore but I just can't find the Kor Gem and Hammer....

I know hammer = In Pyrewood, in Silverpine....
I know Kor Gem = Auberdive, near Darkshore

but not a clue where these places are...been around what seems the whole world :D

so can u give some rough directions from IF (I know Silverpine is in upper coninent...so maybe need boat from Menethil harbour...but i heard pirates level 40 come so im not too cool with that :p)

btw can fly to Westfall-Menethil Harbour-Thelsamar-IF-Stormwind
so if easier directions from here im fine :D



Posted on 28 April 2005 at 11:41:22 by GinG.  0/5

arrrr so u looking for the low-lvl kick ass hammer of the pala right ;-)
ok the hammer i know so far is in an instanz on the hord area....therefor u have to cross arathi highlands straight too southshore (there u ll get 2 gryphon flight points ;-) ) than u go along the road to west to pyrewood ... streetmarks will lead u to it
but go with a 5 man group cause its an instance and maybe u check some mapnotes on webpages for the stuff u need ...it helps a lot
the other one in auberdine is in an instance also :-)
its called blackfathom deep be prepaird with a good group ...u just need to kill a bit and hope that some of the elite bastardos will drop it :-)
btw the hammer is in a stable in the instance so watch out for it
hope i could help u a bit ...btw check out my new main dmg weapon on thottbot or allakhazam its called blackhand doomsaw ....man this name is a cracker on its own :-p
Posted on 28 April 2005 at 19:41:49 by Cheeetos.  0/5

w00tang thx amigo :D will give these a try tonight/tomorrow :D

will go with some level 30-53 amigos :D

Woooooooooowwww at the doomysaw :D vnice amigo puts my Killmain/Guardian Blade to shame :D

Aww feel so close to my epic mount can smell it (next weekend = will level to min of 34 :p)

btw woooooow @ how much gotta spend on spells later in game....level 30 = about 6g in total....level 60 probably 20g or so :p


ty again amigo :D (u only pala i know who remember where this stuff is :p)
Posted on 29 April 2005 at 13:21:38 by GinG.  0/5

hm... i travelled a lot in wow world :p
now almost every kind of place (despite of razofen hills) ... so just ask me ... i m a real explorer in this world, but i have to because its shit when 10 guys in burning steps are trying to farm thorium ... its almost lasting  3 hours for gaining 20 ors of it O_o
so i have to travel a lot to search for new areas full of hidden ors for ma :p
...btw the last 3 days were crazy did 8 runs on upper blackrock spire....today maybe 9 10 and 11 ... dont know yet cause i m going to a restaurant where u can have a standard drink in an glass with 2 litre ....and thats the minimum ....
i think u can roll me out of this place after havin eatin 2 big steaks of about 1 kg of meat ...woooowweehhhhhh ...
Posted on 29 April 2005 at 22:45:31 by Cheeetos.  0/5

eheehhehehe amigo :D

steak > all :p

omg 3hours....get about 60tin from loch modan in an hour (tin seems rare in there...) :p

u could duel em to see who gets it :p
Posted on 01 May 2005 at 18:10:37 by Cheeetos.  0/5

bleh finally level 25 (3/4 way to 26) but 5daays play time :p

15 is looking harder + harder :p
Posted on 02 May 2005 at 08:42:48 by GinG.  0/5

hmn.... i ve seriously started playin a second char....
hm lvl 15 now...made 3 lvl yesterday in about 3 hours.... could be faster but i played with friends in a group ... which slows me a bit :-p
Posted on 02 May 2005 at 11:43:59 by Cheeetos.  0/5

lol quick leveler :p

what u chosen this time amigo?

ye same with bein in a group - grouped for 4hours or so yesterday got 1 level and a half...(in Aku'mal area thing place :p) then got the last half in about 35-45mins :p
Posted on 02 May 2005 at 13:17:26 by GinG.  0/5

lol ... yeah soloing is quit faster than in group .... i play a mage this time ...try to make an arcnane/frost mix ...cause fire maybe makes mor damage but what will it be worth against the molton core group or against onyxia :p
btw what is aku'mal area ...never heart of it before *aight*
Posted on 02 May 2005 at 20:23:39 by Cheeetos.  0/5



Aku'mal area is in Balthamore thing...North of Ashenvale near Auberdine or so....
ah i checked Blackfathom Deeps

went with a level 22 (had a level 60 char new alot....and had a level 60pala m8 who is best on our serv so double nice :D)
and 2 level 29....

Go to very end and fight some Hydra type of thing...

hehe @ mages stuff...not a clue what the molten group is but meh :D

btw what area did u go into with talents (on pala) atm im fully in Holy Talents and nothing else...once level 40 can get that holy shock thing...better than consecretion i thought :p
Posted on 03 May 2005 at 09:34:34 by GinG.  0/5

omg .... that holy tree is worst tree of the three ... omg OMG .... what did ya do ... if u want a usefull pally make a retribution skilling for pvp or later a protection skilling for base instanz runs....
i for myself have 15 points in holy tree (just regular mana regenerating stuff) and 31 in retribution ( damn my teammates love this seal of kings)
and 5 points in protection (just to have nice extra AC) in devotion aura
but its up to u the way u skill ( but damn thats crap :p )
molton core group is only a name from me for the big muchos (bosses) in molton core which can only be beaten by a slightly playin 40 men group
p.s. did i told ya that this holy skilling is shit ? .....meeee :p
Posted on 03 May 2005 at 09:37:34 by GinG.  0/5

ah an by tha way ...consecretion... ull luv it in a big group to optain extra aggro boni ...and keep ur priest and mages clean from attackas....:p
Posted on 03 May 2005 at 09:39:14 by GinG.  0/5

or jus to run into a group of hordes casting it and running out of them with divine shield hearing them yelling and u by urself runin giggling away while they slowly die :)
Posted on 03 May 2005 at 18:56:05 by Cheeetos.  0/5

ooo the temptations!

:p ima currently looking at some threads etc to read up :p

bah this stuff is tough to decide...want the extras on un-interupted + amount healed by + crit when cast...but need min of 11 for this...

then not much left in others...

ha 30mins later worked out what im doin....11/9/31


ty amigo

Posted on 04 May 2005 at 10:17:38 by GinG.  0/5

i by myself have 15/5/31 ;)
Posted on 04 May 2005 at 17:13:15 by Cheeetos.  0/5


ill wait a while before i change it...it'll cost me 5g to change...i changed once before cos put talent into wrong thing.....and at level 30 need to pay like 6g for moves...and 28 something like 2g...so all adds up and for me is pricey...

later will be goin with a m8 to get the hammer finally....if not then ill just run it...with no armour so no damage to it :p...will make it if try enough...
Posted on 07 May 2005 at 14:36:57 by Cheeetos.  0/5

rawr got it

been levelling my hammer skills tho cos was on 90 when all other min of 128 :p
Posted on 08 May 2005 at 18:24:53 by Cheeetos.  0/5

nearly half way :p

2more levs..

but thinking about it i think i can average roughly 3hours per level if i only level...+ i made a business deal so im safe for money...dont even need to spend those days of pure money making...

I send 60% of all ore+leathers i find...
i get sent high quality armour+weapons and 1.5g for every 10batches (1 batch = 60 ore + 30 leather)

Posted on 09 May 2005 at 08:31:06 by Cheeetos.  0/5

Hmmz thought about it and re-arranged when i get money cos that was rough on me...600 + 300 = 1.5g from the guy but like 14g from AH if i did it right...

So now every 300+150=10 batches  (1 batch = 30 ore + 15leather) get 1.5g 

Moahah business man Mr.chee :p
Posted on 10 May 2005 at 09:09:22 by GinG.  0/5

lol right ya ;) i earn that money by doin one raid in ubrs :p
or selling plans of arkanit champion for 200 gold (uuuweehhhh)
btw unvulnerable plate plans are offered on my server ... 900 gold start and 1100 gold buyout ...damn they must be brainsick or somethin .... i offered him 180 gold on my own ;)
but he already had some offers of 500 gold or somethin ....damn ... those plans are nice but i better farm ubrs than waste 500 gold for them or even more ....
and i still need my epic pala mount .... u know only havin the normal epic mount is boring ... i want to be between bank and auktionary house and change between epic and pala epic all the time untill my mana is out or people yelling that i m sick :p
Posted on 10 May 2005 at 18:24:37 by Cheeetos.  0/5


omg u get loads :D

epic ee - 1000g or so? damn :p

maybe spend a few days pure raiding? meh
Posted on 11 May 2005 at 11:44:24 by GinG.  0/5

it depends on ur factionpoints ...if ur respected u only need to pay 800 gold ...i was honored ...(4 weeks ago) so i payed 900 gold for mine !!!
my next aim now is to get the epic book out of dire maul.
its an pala/warrior quest which leeds to onyxia.... there for u get unfinished sword which need to be burned by onyxias breath and after that u have to kill her within 20 minutes to stick the burned sowred into her bloody body. after that u need to go back to dire maul show the elves the nice burnd bloody unfinished sword ...et voila u get a damn bad epic one-handed 53 dps sword WOOOOHHHEEEEEE :p
and of course to gain blacksmithing 300 .... this suxx hard ..... (now got 293)
Posted on 12 May 2005 at 22:24:22 by Cheeetos.  0/5

hehe dudey - im already honored for about 2weeks :D

muhco coola for weap! but heard onyxia is like one of the hardest mobs in game? eep! but damn the sword is worth it! :D

got about 20 000xp until lvl 30 now....just been building first aid (from 0-122 in about 5hours and spending about only 40s..) and trying to get nice money...cos next i spend like 5g on moves :( only got 20g, thats harsh on budget :p

arrs at blacksmithing tho :(

highest thing i have is 207-210 at Skinning...
145 mining and said first aid

all low :(

meh! :D
Posted on 13 May 2005 at 09:12:11 by GinG.  0/5

hm... i m now at 295 in blacksmithin ...i think its one of the hardest jobs u can take in WoW... now i only need 100 more thoriumores and bit other stuff the gaine masterblacksmithing :p
but ...last to days i was totally in pvp ...was damn fun man ....
Posted on 13 May 2005 at 18:09:17 by Cheeetos.  0/5


max thing i can get is iron lol :p - nearish to mythril i think tho? meh

but idd blacksmithing must be one of hardest - but maybe Enchanters are harder? higher payments needed etc? meh
Posted on 13 May 2005 at 23:11:05 by Cheeetos.  0/5

dudey maybe u can explain this?:

a was afk - checking on not being out-bidded...

when i looked and saw some level 30 get totally wiped by a demon?? was a level 60 rock demon...helped some level 60s + 20s to kill it...and when i looked outside about 30dead people from what im guessin is the killin of the rock thing + a dragon type of demon....

wtf are these? freaked me out cos it aggrod me and took me to half like in a few seconds...
Posted on 17 May 2005 at 10:09:46 by GinG.  0/5

sounds like some warlords had a lot of fun meeeh :p
they can sumon a big rock demon called Infernal and a demon too !!!
they both are about lvl 60 ...
our warlords always sumon them when they a bored ....
but they dont life much long ;)
to many people are sitting in IF and relaxe ... if a wl sumons it they all kick the sumoneds butt ....
even though its always fun to see in stormwind when marshal maxwel returns ... poore low lvls (-30lvls) always standing next to us lvl 60 peeps ... and suddenly about 8 lvl 60 elite drakins appear ... it takes only one hit to kill a lvl 30 always fun to see and we always laugh our asses of :p
btw we killed Lucifron on weekend and took a look on Onyxia yesterday ...man this lady is really in a bad temper ;)
Posted on 17 May 2005 at 22:08:50 by Cheeetos.  0/5

woo :D

so thats what heh

funny to see peeps taken down too :D i seem to not die easy :D not died for a long time until i went on my first raid

damn that raid was fun! 40hk 138contrib points

ehehe :D

++ w00tang at Lucifron + Onyxia gl on Ony :D
Posted on 21 May 2005 at 09:00:42 by Cheeetos.  0/5

been doin random crap...my play time must be huge now cos i been helping too many guild members in deadmines...no xp just cash+some good for selling items

mining 176
skinning 237
lev 32(half way to 33 tho)

blehs but i cant seem to get past the 28g mark - everytime i get near i gotta buy moves or smthing...

but i thinks im gonna try and speed lev to 40 now....i dont want to the in the unlucky lot who dont get an easy free pala mount...(some getting it, some not is worse than palas getting it easy imo)
Posted on 22 May 2005 at 11:10:47 by Cheeetos.  0/5


did some runs in DM and that one in SW i can never remember name of :p

got up to 30g :D

and lev 33 n a half


Posted on 25 May 2005 at 14:27:23 by GinG.  0/5

lol ...keep it up .... i started an ud mage seriously ...leveld him to 17 in 2 dayz  
btw i got all stuff i need for the epic pala mount.... seams to be that i m gone goin to be first player on my server with two epic mounts.... man i call this pimp styl :p
its like havin an porsche and an ferrari in the garage
Posted on 25 May 2005 at 18:57:21 by Cheeetos.  0/5

lol u lev too fast man

plus w00tzors at the epics :o nice

cant play past few days+next days :(

conn has been on craze since ISP decided to mess with something without telling me...*slap*


i checked my rested state and its taking me into the next lev so *glee* :D
Posted on 27 May 2005 at 08:43:03 by GinG.  0/5

i know what u mean ...got kicked out of scholomance after kicking gandlings butt .... couldnt join the server after that and my pc hung up.....
i hope i cant manage it today ....bleee ....
need some more pvp on my pve ;D
.... tomorrow is onyxia butt kicking time ... i got a special feeling the we will lay her down this weekend....and of course molton core on sunday ... magmadar is ready to get asskicked.... i think we can manage him with 3 snoozy shots this time :> ...and hopefully no lagpikes anymore....hate u blizz for what uf done to us last weekend....
Posted on 27 May 2005 at 21:53:14 by Cheeetos.  0/5

hehe gl amigo!

kick thier ass + record :p

Posted on 29 May 2005 at 14:31:15 by Cheeetos.  0/5

guh mining is a bitch :p

at 200 now...but 4.5g to be able to get to 300 is bah!

only lev 35 thats still alot to me :p

*does random flaming*
Posted on 30 May 2005 at 00:14:33 by GinG.  0/5

we did a mc run today ..we killed the first 4 bosses and it was great :)
ony kicked our butt the day befor ..so hopefully next weekend ... but i think my new obsidian edgeblade was it worth for ;)
Posted on 30 May 2005 at 09:51:59 by Cheeetos.  0/5

hehe coola

give ony a slap :p

gl m8ie
Posted on 30 May 2005 at 18:19:34 by Cheeetos.  0/5


was getting Fiery war axe....20g...but outbid heh

but its sorta good cos i went crazy and built up cash...went on a couple runs of scarlet, skinned and mined like mad and got from 25g - 42.9g

think ill gloat to a m8 who is gonna have to buy their mount soon and is gonna go down to 4g....(he always says 'im bloooodddyyyy riiicccchhh'


Posted on 31 May 2005 at 19:16:22 by Cheeetos.  0/5

36.5 lev...so close...:p

47g (was 51 but 4.5g for next mining gah)

225 mining
258 skinning

m8 is soon gonna be poor...:p and i gonna be richer cos will do solo runs of deadmines :p

Posted on 31 May 2005 at 23:34:32 by Cheeetos.  0/5

whoa whoa whoa...

m8 was sayin to me had to pay the 18g to learn horses or whatever but i found thats not true..
but there's an epic pally mount - is this the one u got m8? cos omg those things are sweet :p
Posted on 06 June 2005 at 08:04:22 by Cheeetos.  0/5


reached my mount now - damn helpful :D

yesterday went from 37-40.5 so pretty good :p

but all the extra stuff cost 20g :s made half of it back so far but mehs

*rides around*

Posted on 06 June 2005 at 12:06:55 by GinG.  0/5

hehe grz bro :)
there is an epic pali mount right but i got the regular one for month now :)
at the moment i m damn bored normal instances in highlevel are annoying me ..after doing them milliontimes now
Posted on 06 June 2005 at 17:10:33 by Cheeetos.  0/5


ah ic it ends up cheaper from what ive heard - epic mount quests cost over 1000g ? :p

hehe understandable...why not some new chars of horde or so? completely diff ;)
Posted on 06 June 2005 at 23:01:22 by Anonym.  0/5

i already did some but leaveling is even more annoying :p
Posted on 09 June 2005 at 08:06:39 by Cheeetos.  0/5

ehhehe true

my aim is to get to 60 by mid August...cos i got 2 levs a day on average during my last week off...(next break starts at mid july)

Posted on 12 June 2005 at 22:34:11 by Cheeetos.  0/5

started up another char

guild im in is near to point where can raid...but we need healers so i made a druid..

11 hours play time = level 15...so much easier lol

+ tailoring 112
+ skinning 96

Posted on 16 June 2005 at 11:05:00 by GinG.  0/5

hm... started yesterday with an gnomen rogue cute little dmg dealer :)
hm... mad my first 8 levels in about an hour :)
Posted on 16 June 2005 at 17:17:13 by Cheeetos.  0/5

idd first 7/8 levs quick + easy :D

btw never knew druids had their own lil weird quests..

have to go to moonglade (a 50+ place on alla it said? :o) to get new skills etc...its crazy
Posted on 19 June 2005 at 22:37:16 by Cheeetos.  0/5

pala current:

lev 44 (55k to 45)

skinning 300
first aid 300
mining 260

1 epic quality shield for next lev
1 blue quality shield for next lev (near enuff epic)
a armour set waiting - fully completed    -- Imperial Plate
1 piece of lightforge waiting - the belt...

72g left...but soon i can go with a m8 and farm Sm :p


where i get the lightforge armour set from btw? i got the belt but what else do i need? the BoP stuff is lev 55+ i think but donno where
Posted on 22 June 2005 at 08:26:55 by Cheeetos.  0/5

"1 blue quality shield for next lev (near enuff epic)"

i meant hammer..

ive reached it now btw...looks sexy :p
Posted on 23 June 2005 at 08:45:03 by GinG.  0/5

hoho :)
i m lvl 32 and a half with my gnom rouge now... only played 2 days and 8 hours of ingame playtime :>
i m just playin my pal only when we go to MC or any Worldencounter
on thottbot.com or allahkazam.com ...there you find anything you need about setitems :)
but my special opinion is ... LF sucks ;)
Posted on 24 June 2005 at 17:09:21 by Cheeetos.  0/5


why does LF suck?

i was thinkin of doin like this:

Imperial set

then Light Forge set

then Valor set

? bd bd n bd or? :p

Posted on 26 June 2005 at 22:04:16 by Cheeetos.  0/5

well meh

i sold my belt - 60g...

ill go for valor or so
Posted on 28 June 2005 at 08:00:40 by Cheeetos.  0/5

made char for enchanting.....i got to 97 in like 3 hours :D

(lev 10)

Posted on 28 June 2005 at 13:38:22 by GinG.  0/5

hm... 3 days played time almost 40 with my rouge twink ....oh and by the way he is enchanter with skill 170 now :)
am and guess what ? got my first part of the lawbringer epic pala set ...man this set has fucked up healadin stats... bad 4 my retri-build pala but it looks soooo fuckin bad as mofo sexy
check out the full set with pic on allakhazam dude
Posted on 28 June 2005 at 17:01:32 by Cheeetos.  0/5

nice idd m8 :D

3days and 40? lol...u crazy

for enchanting u have to see a master enchanter to ger higher than 150 right? seen em in uldaman i think...

btw must be long to get lawbringer set?

Hmm, well u all knowing :D - what set would u recommend for me m8? once 60 ill have 11/9/31 build.....i was thinking try for valor..but donno

Posted on 29 June 2005 at 10:31:58 by GinG.  0/5

hm...valor is nice but i by myself made an alternative gear out of plate from dire maul and random drops in scholomance and stratholm ... blue sets suck :)
now i have about 3 gears ... my deff gear for tanking reasons where i got 412 defensepoints not that bad to dodge many attacks and prevent me from beeing hit by bad crits no ? ;)
my second gear is an stamina int gear for molton core ( as long as i dont have the complete lawbringer set :) ) completly buffed i got almost 6k health and 5.3 k mana and this gear is not completed yet :)
my last gear is for pvp and for grinding the shit out of the maggots :) its an gear focused on strength stamina and chances on crit plus trinkets for rising your attackpower not that bad in
combination with an obsidian edged blade :)
and for the enchanting stuff... if you 150 u can get expert in elwynn forest der is a loonly tower on the road to redridge. i dont know the name of it in english somethin with arcanist or so. there u can rise your skill from 150 to 225. uldaman is the last step to gain 300 !
lawbringer set will not last that long. i think only 2 month and i will have the complete set (we are only 5 palas per run) that 6 day boss cooldown sucks :) especially when u kill 9 of 10 in 5 ours :(
only guy who still kicks our asses is ragnaros but tomorrow we will try him again :)
Posted on 29 June 2005 at 17:04:30 by Cheeetos.  0/5

hehe lots of info :D ty

Hmm ill look around at individual pieces then :)

how many bag slots u have then? :p

or dont u carry all at same time?

++ kk at enchants :) ty

but omg thats alot of health :p atm i have 2.5k...:p

btw idd sucky on the cool down...but omg u must be powerful guild :p


gl with rag + ty again :D


Posted on 30 June 2005 at 08:20:14 by GinG.  0/5

at the moment i wear 5 16slot bags almost have my grinding and deff gear with me the MC gear is deposit on the bank where i got 5 of 6 slots (damn this sixth box will cost me 100 bucks ...)
best pieces are really in diremaul. most of my guildys go there because this is heavens place ...and the only instance which is fun .. even after doin it 30th time ...not like strat or scholo where there are only some good random drops ....
dire maul 4 teh win ;)
our team is the best on the server ... farming ony kazzak azuregos and 9 of 10 MC bosses regularly ...
there is another guild which is close but respectivly behind us.... we now killed ony about 5 times they did it yesterday their first time :)
most fun was 2 days ago... joiing the server gettin an battlegroup invite to kill azuregos and kazzak... i think half an our later we where done :)
the hord tauren guy was impressed as he saw us doin kazzak with 33 people in 1 minute and 30 second :)
was even impressed by myself 
so today Ony and Ragna ... hope the old dragon will drop my damn helmet ...i need it so badly :p
Posted on 01 July 2005 at 15:17:07 by Anonym.  0/5

Don't mind me interrupting your chat ^_^.

Posted on 01 July 2005 at 16:54:44 by Cheeetos.  0/5

hehe nps lyor + nice :p


++ hehe gl m8ie

Posted on 06 July 2005 at 08:58:01 by GinG.  0/5

Whoo nice Lyor :>
so new infos from the Worldboss end Instances frontier.
Last sunday ... due to a real surprise my lawbringer helmet dropped...hey and u know what pal ... i won it :p
Now then i got damn wet and needed the clean my pantys :p
After i got it ...i put of my selfmade enchanted thorium helmet ...and put it on. And then MEGATRON was born.
damn with the shoulders and the helmet i look like an transformers. (u know that robots that can transform from from car or plane into a robot and vis versa)
but hey what an upgrade ...from an mcdonalds worker to an all devastating robot :p
yesterday we did ony in a new record time... i think it was 9 minutes or so... and i even got the time to phone with my dad while running against the wall all the time to avoid the fear effect of ony :p
i think th only thing i did the 9 minutes was running against the wall and buffing 20 teammates with bless of wisdom 2 times.... oh and dont forget to dance as a pally cause its the essential thing u need to do in any lair or
in Molton Core beside the fact that u dont need to do anything else than buffing dispelling and sometimes healing.... so DANCE like hell :p 
Posted on 06 July 2005 at 17:28:26 by Cheeetos.  0/5

hehehe nice m8ie :D

Hmm ive looked over the sets some more....i think ill choose lightforge...cos as u said all i'll be doin is buffin etc...and lightforge gives me +68 int..valor none....then ill go for lawbringer or so...alot of work ahead of me :p

++ i'll remember to dance :p
Posted on 11 July 2005 at 16:21:02 by GinG.  0/5

little upgrade.
yesterday i got another lawbringer-setitem ... breatplate is mine H3h3h3h3
just 5 to go :)
Posted on 13 July 2005 at 18:02:59 by Cheeetos.  0/5


not updated u in a bit :D

Hmmz, went for best guild on my serv....atm lookin like im getting in but they find age a prob :s

im lev 53 now :D...i prefer grinding by far...

but i got no idea where all the high lev instances are...UBRS (whatever that is) Scholo, Diremaul and others i donno :p

Hmmz....4/5 of the people in the guild im going for has full lawbringer bringer :D but they been trying it for ages....atm im regreting selling my lightforge belt :p

mehs soon i can be powerful :p

Posted on 14 July 2005 at 11:31:45 by GinG.  0/5

lol sounds like ur in an paladin only guild O_o
scholomance is in the western plaguelands ....in a ghost town called caer darrow (southeast on the map the little island)
stratholm is in the eastern plaguelands (north on the map)
Diremaul is in Feralas (middle north of the map- u found it when u see bunches of lvl 53 elite ogres)
UBRS or also called Upper Blackrock Spire is in ....u can imagin ... BLACKROCK :p
its the nice black vulcano-styl mountain between searing gorge and burning stepps. but actually there are 3 instances in it .... oh no forgot there are 5 :)
first is the easiest one. Blackrockdepths its in the middle of blackrock downwards. u are right when u see some little black devilish dwarfs which dont like strangers :)
in BRD there is one of the actual surpreme instances called molton core (u know the place where epic set grows ;) )
then there is LBRS - Lower Blackrock Spire. Its the place u have to go if u dont have a key (it is also questable with 5 man) and then there is UBRS which is an raidinstance only (15 peeps) u can surely try with less but i dont recoment unless ur team is great.
And last but not least there is BWL - new since the last patch Blackwing Lair ... a very bugy new 40 man raidinstance ....we ll try it tomorrow cause today is again ragnaros day :p
Posted on 14 July 2005 at 16:56:52 by Cheeetos.  0/5

hehe thx for info m8 :D

naa its not pala only guild...it has all classes (mostly warriors and priests and warlocks)
Posted on 15 July 2005 at 09:29:31 by GinG.  0/5

hm... ok we canceled ragnaros today after sons of flames came out after 30 seconds instead of 3 minutes ...was way interesting :p
but anyway luckyly azuregos and kazzak where there so we killed them and catched the loot :p
Posted on 18 July 2005 at 08:10:35 by Cheeetos.  0/5

hehe :D

nows am lev 55 (88k to lev)

got my key to scholo :D done some BRD and UBRS for fun in a group and got like 30k in 20 mins lol

should be 60 nearish august i think

Posted on 21 July 2005 at 09:23:57 by GinG.  0/5

hm.... i m lvl 54 with my rouge twink :>
was 50 in 6 day "played" time :)
straight up to 60 .... i think because i m not at home on weekend i will be 60 in about 2 weeks or so (playin about 6-7 hours to gain one level)
keep it up m8 :)
Posted on 21 July 2005 at 22:41:45 by Cheeetos.  0/5


ur crazy lols

i have near 25days played time :p

btw i decided i was gonna be an armour smith for my alt warrior...can keep supplying....so far only lev 87 bs but getting there :p (about 30mins levelling it to get that, on the day not much copper about)
Posted on 22 July 2005 at 08:43:49 by GinG.  0/5

hehe ..... u will wonder what an fuckin effort it is to lvl to masterblacksmith :p
there are way about 400-500 mithril and about 500-600 thoiurmors to go for u till u are at 300 :o
last me about 2 month to reach it :)
oh and dont forget to farm for reputations on timbermaws and agent dawn and thoriumbrotherhood :)
there u get nice epic plans on exaulted and stuff
Posted on 22 July 2005 at 18:45:13 by Cheeetos.  0/5

hehe :p

ton of stuff :D

hehe argent im nearly honored :D thorium i got nothing? meh
Posted on 27 July 2005 at 15:42:09 by Cheeetos.  0/5


57 (near 58) and have LF belt + bracers.....so step ahead of other pala just getting onto 58 :p
Posted on 29 July 2005 at 13:25:27 by GinG.  0/5

hrhrhr ... good new news from my home server..... WE DID IT m8 ...we wiped of ragnaros ass.... killed him in 5mins with only 3 peeps death. we were so happy i think some started to masturbate immediately.
and you know what .... tier2 set legs for palas dropped judgement legplates ...only 3 palas didnt had epic legplates now ..... one did not roll because he wants the eye of sulfuras ....and than ...i lost ....fuck it ... but you know what ... we ll kill ragi on sunday again ...maybe he is so polite to drop them again ...if not i take the lawbringer legplates doesnt matters :P
Posted on 29 July 2005 at 13:59:13 by Missy.  0/5

OMG u guys are seriously addicted! Im glad I could say no to the game cause else I would have joined ur chat here lol. nice score Ging :P and nice score lyor :0
Posted on 31 July 2005 at 12:54:04 by Cheeetos.  0/5

dinged 60 last night :D finally i count myself as high lev :p

cngrts on rag m8 :D:D

judgement is alot better than lawbringer then? u sounded disapointed :p

got honored on argent now - now just need to level my blacksmithing :p -- but i need the sexy 100% mount...or else i die :p

and ma'am - mmorpg are notoriously addictive hehe :D - u seem to not like the chat? :p come on...buy it..ull like it....:D
Posted on 03 August 2005 at 17:47:54 by Cheeetos.  0/5

decided im gonna go for the longer but funner option for mount n stuff

gonna pvp my way to rank 14 :p

hard, but the weaps are awesome(rank 14), shield is(rank 14), armour is(rank 7-13), 90g for 100% mount (rank 11)

btw 1h weaps there are better than the onyxia sword quest - 59.5dps on 1h, on that sword its 52.3 or smthing

2h weaps 77.7dps :D

Posted on 13 August 2005 at 10:19:32 by Cheeetos.  0/5

it's getting there...slowly but surely :p

i bought the enchanted thorium breast plate and am gonna go for the leggings, need to grind some more cash for it (280g and a blue drop i don't need) meh

finally learnt my way around ubrs, strat :p but the others i havent learnt :s meh
Posted on 16 August 2005 at 08:29:41 by GinG.  0/5

hm... i see you made your way , aight ? :p
so ...i m only 3 parts away from my complete lawbringer set... have a nice eskhanders trinket around my neck the ragnaros crit belt and the nice stronghold gauntlets which i can craft since a week now :)
hm... i think a wear about 11 purples now. so who needs pvp gear, aight? ;)
i collect my prot gear from mc which is much easier to get than the gear from pvp. wearing hol lawbringer ( when its complete) in mc and parts of lawbringer ( for the extra mana and healing stuff) plus crit gear from mc ( and self crafted stuff) for pvp action. love to do alterac valley with this gear. giving me the ability the smack your ass and heal me much more than a standard retri pala. ( and i m still a retri pala but fear my mighty mana pool)
so today is ony again ... man ... we farm all bosses now ... besides blackwing lair ...the bosses there ( or better to say the atts of the bosses) still kick our asses ....but hey we killed ragnaros the fourth time in a raw without wiping ...so i think we can manage bwl as well, right ?
stay tuned on the GinG information channel ;)
Posted on 16 August 2005 at 11:04:29 by Cheeetos.  0/5

ging info channel eh :p

but v cool :D

btw i read on a guild who is crazily insanely omfg good? Pacifist - they do 5 man UBRS runs ffs :p

and i got the enchated chest peice...now just waiting for the guy to get couple more arcanite bars n i buy the next
lol 4 times? bitch :D best alliance guild on our serv only just got their first kill of it couple days ago.....best horde about 3 on it...

hehe gl in bwl :p

tbh i need more mana, only got around 2700 which sucks (unbuffed) but around 4300 health unbuffed isnt too bad....btw the pvp thing does suck now i look at it, not as much +int as i'd like :p

lost on so many LF drops is too annoying...at least 7...so atm i only got the belt+wrists - need a roll hack :p

Posted on 17 August 2005 at 09:31:01 by GinG.  0/5

hrhrhr .... yeah i feel with you chee. lost my lightforge stuff several times too.... so i gave it up to run for them and only got 3 or 4 pieces at the end ... and now almost complete lawbringer set ... i think its a nice compromise, aight? :p
hm... without a buckler i have around 3.7-3.8k mana unbuffed with bucked i have about 4k-4.1k mana. and about 4.1k-4.2k live without buckler and with 4.3-4.4k live.
with my entire int equip i have unbuffed 4k live and 5.2k mana ... with buckler. yestderday i got buffed 6k live and 6.4k mana ...not to bad, no ? ;)
but i wear 2 leather parts as long as i dont got the lawbringer bracers and wrists. got about 17% critchance with my pally. friend of mine got about 24% with his pally ...thats insane. and with mungo and elemental charpening stone he even gots 27%-29% crit chance ... man this is sick :)
Posted on 17 August 2005 at 16:33:00 by Cheeetos.  0/5

omg huge amount of crit :D

+ damn ur health +mana :p

its a nice switch idd, but for some1 who cant go to MC its impossible

but in other news...4/5 pallies from rapture got their full lawbringer now...1 has even got started on judgement with 3 pieces...its scary :p  they still cant do rag tho :p

tbh i wouldnt mind losing too much in lightforge...but its the fact the runs are so rare :s
Posted on 18 August 2005 at 12:12:57 by GinG.  0/5

oh ? they got 3 pieces of judgement without killing ragnaros ?
ehm.... how did they managed that ? did they killed the first two bosses in blackwing lair ? because on my mc group there is on guy who as already 2 judgement parts and several others have at least one.
hm... dont know when i will have my full lawbringer set.... the worst thing are the rar random drops.... belt and wrist... damn monsters should drop them much more often , aight ? :p  but the good thing is .... when i didnt got any items on the one mc run i mostly got 2 on the other run. so i hope i will get 2 lawbringer on sunday ;)
hopefully the two randoms ....if they luckyly drop.... hate to wait for them. and beside... it starts to gettin boring.... the only kick for me are the really really rar alterac fights.... wish there were more.
Posted on 18 August 2005 at 13:24:58 by Cheeetos.  0/5

they do bwl m8 - rag is apparently too hard cos their pc cant handle the graphics..getting 4 fps..but i donno if that's true

hehe random drops suck idd, but at least u learn more tactics n stuff to take them easier...+ nice, rather 2 on both runs tbh but meh :D

on my serv there's only ever been 1 public alterac and 3 guild...so annoying, why don't people go for it...got 400 kills in an hour when i went :s

btw u read about the pala changes? blizz taking in the probs and top 10 will get something done about them...

buffs gotta be #1...i hate doing it in a normal group and doing it in raids is hell

we're gonna be more as what our talents say..more of a tank for prot..healer for holy...damage for retrib..........but tbh that makes it a hard choice...healing and buffing all is needed in MC but if i wanna farm i want the damage.....thinking protection and retribution...means i can get aggro, take the hits and be dealing good damage for once, meaning i can keep aggro easier too....

maybe gonna be scrapping the seal and judge system...the randomness is just horrible

maybe finally get something ranged...i know there is that trinket but it sucks...

some stuff to make us not useless in pvp....crowd control probably

maybe make our flash heal more powerful or get rid of it...when am i ever gonna need to heal a mt with 6k health with 300 in just 1 sec faster? whilst if i waited that 1 sec do 1400?

tbh i think our armour should change...i dont wanna pure healadin, i want to take and give damage...maybe give some +defense to our pieces...and some sta+str..


1 hand i want it so im more defined...other side i don't cos it means i wont be able to survive for ages....at lev 52 i took 6 level 55 (darrowshire ghost things, when going for the doll) in a row and 2 at a time...no other class could do that...its what makes a paladin a paladin :p

btw if u in such a good guild  (meaning over 40 level 60s) why not just ask if they do a weekly/2 week thing of doing a alterac battle? everyone who goes likes it :p
Posted on 19 August 2005 at 12:01:10 by GinG.  0/5

cause there are not enough hordlers .... we had 4-5 matches the last 2 weeks ...and everytime we devastated them.... so they are bored of us :)
um ..we get a range attack on pacth 1.7 hammer of wrath ... lets see how it fits us, aight? :p
doing on testrealm today to check how usfull/less it is.
and in fact my skilling is 15/5/31 and i love it that way .... i do enought (but fucked up RANDOM) dmg and with my equip i do not heal bad.
doin almost 500 per flashheal is not to bad , aight? and almost 1700 for the "big" heal. oh and not to mention the nice crusader proc on my obsidian edge blade.... instead of healing only 100 per proc i gain between 212 and almost 500 (crit heal ...yes it can even critheal on crusaderproc) health.... +healing bonus for teh win, aight? :p
Posted on 19 August 2005 at 12:04:52 by GinG.  0/5

oh and not to forget the seal of light.... man its really crazy to normaly heal about 2100 health without critheal :)
you know what that means ? right with critheal you can to 3k health (if you got +healingbonus equip) and even flashheals can crit and with that seal you can heal up to 1200 ( when its critical) isnt that insane ? ..so dont say we cant heal we can (even as a full retri pally) its all up to your equip so do the right choise :p
Posted on 19 August 2005 at 20:19:06 by Cheeetos.  0/5

seal of light 2100? u crazy? that does like 72 a pop...

our heals suck until we get that stuff m8..but how long does it take to get that stuff...ages :p

interested in the range...will just spam it and see :p

and kk at horde thingy :p
(rushed cos im busy atm just browsin cos bored)
Posted on 20 August 2005 at 20:25:26 by Cheeetos.  0/5

bk for quickie again :p

m8 u said you had gear for grinding/farming and gear for instances? what gear u got m8? i can guess the instances so that's np but farming cant really think of what would use..
saying this cos today got a couple things i think would be good for farming but not at all for instances....1 of them is the shield with 24 bonus block..forgot name..gives total of 63 block.........sucks in no stats but good blocking...

wow 30 secs to type that..not bad :p
Posted on 21 August 2005 at 10:41:02 by Cheeetos.  0/5

btw noticed smthing

a lot of people walking around with lawbringer now...and quite a handful with at least 1 piece of judgement....but the ones with judgement must have skipped lawbringer? all i see if them with lightforge and judgement..

meh lucky bastards

oh and got my attunement to bwl...getting mc done soon, need to get m8s online :p + jailbreak gonna be done too....

++ alterac battle last night...got 764 kills in about 1.5hours...not too bad :D + 1 attk on the graveyard and +2 defends :)
Posted on 21 August 2005 at 14:41:04 by Cheeetos.  0/5

Wuaha just finnished a quick lbrs run...got axe of the deep woods..(the 41.5dps 1h axe) :D

ur probably on like 70 dps 1h but meh
Posted on 23 August 2005 at 16:51:24 by GinG.  0/5

hm...lots of reports from you, aight :p
my farming gear is not that quit fare away from my mc build but never the less they are still significant ;)
for farming i got 5 parts of lawbringer (´still missing wirsts belt and arms :p....looking forward for patch 1.7 where randomdrops drop even more :) ) then eskhanders necklace. selfcrafted stronghold gauntlets. girdle of onslaught girdle from ragnaros. blackhands breathd of course. with it i got damn good extra healing for my casts and for my crusader proc....oh dont forget hide of the wild ....saddfully i dont have eskhanders pelt .... but i m looking after it :p
ah and not to forget my sword obsidian edge blade with crusader enchant.
ah ...on our server the pallys who have the two possible parts out of ony and mc are still in collecting lawbringer set to bring it to completion. hate it ... last run only one pally drop ... wrists of the lawbringer set ....and i didnt set to much ...because i hoped that there will be more random drops or the arm of lawbringer .... so i lost ...and no other drop ... pjuke ...
Posted on 23 August 2005 at 20:09:00 by Cheeetos.  0/5

ahs oki

i thought there would be mostly +str +sta stuff instead of the +int stuff...for sure that's how my sets gonna be...maybe if i do runs with peeps i know / who have the set already i could grab valor for farming...but donno if could

unlucky in there i guess m8 :( but at least u have peeps to go with :p i got attunement done to mc + bwl   but still searchin guild...decided not to go with other as theyre too extreme...mc raid at 2am? no thx :p

btw nice gear :D
Posted on 25 August 2005 at 09:41:07 by GinG.  0/5

omg 2am ? thats crazy shit..... we are doin mc on sunday. startin 2 pm and beein finsihed around 6 pm... cleaning hole mc on this run....
Posted on 25 August 2005 at 18:00:19 by Cheeetos.  0/5

now that's much better than 2am lol


got my LF legs finally - i rolled 78 other pala who rolled on 90% of items dropped got 2 - moahah


had my 2nd worst raid...to strat ud - 8 people - a 56 mage (who must have been some retarded 11 yr old sitting there...so stupid) was leading :s
1 person rolled on something i neeeded..i checked if using..wasnt..
same person rolled on the stiching..said needed for quest..i asked where to get quest..he said no idea, he's just gonna vendor trash...
gauntlets of valor dropped...no1 needed...something else dropped same time - no1 needed...(the other item was first..so naturally u g roll on that first?) i said (to make sure) we rolling on valor? -- no reply..i  ask again -- no reply.. then same guy as above looted...(said he won, when only 3 had rolled...)

so i got myself a nice 6 person blacklist from that raid....if theyre in raid, im not...

+ i needed those gloves for farming gear really...much better than disenchanting....

damn im pissed...

2g 97s repair..my most ever..

im going for ubrs run later...hopefully get my blood this time...so i can pimp slap onyxia
Posted on 26 August 2005 at 08:47:37 by GinG.  0/5

hrhrhr ...omg ...56 mage ? what was he doin there ? pullin all atts from entrance up to the baron ? hrhrhr
2g 97 silver is cheap dont ya think ? my last bwl run costs me 12 gold ..... still crying when we enter this instance ,.... but hey we have to lay razegore. german horde gilde is almost at the last boss of bwl ....man they are so fucking good ...but i dont like them they blame to nerf seal of salvation.... assholes
Posted on 26 August 2005 at 10:16:15 by Cheeetos.  0/5

hhehe idd

well its expensive when you think of it..i have 3 pieces of LF - sets cost more but that's more than it should be....cos i didnt actually have much damage on my equip...my chest was like 80/107 - so not far..

12g cos u have a set and ur a noob and die a ton :p heheh jk :D

btw ur on the same part as that guild i was speaking about then, as soon as they took rag they went onto bwl...and they cant take this guy
++ omg at that other guild - but why nerf the pally more? ill fscking kill them lol

btw for a pickup ubrs run we waited for 30 mins just to get another healer and we couldnt, so in the end i had to play healadin...admittedly altho my heals arent as good as a priest i did alright...i think i had only 1 death (at the beast)

Posted on 28 August 2005 at 18:15:42 by Cheeetos.  0/5

guh i cant stand it!

i got 2 m8s who have been basically spoilt cos of the guild theyre in - they got in at lev 30s cos they were short a couple warlocks and warriors..

they got levd (still dinged 60 after me, but i grind hardcore :p) to 60

they got to 60 and have never done a pick up group....they have only been to the normal high lev instances 1/2 times for each...they just got their attunement, key to onyxia and bwl entry done and since have never been in normal instance..just those uber places :p   -- so their gear actually sucked but still allowed in :s

and keep in mind...ive maybe only ever seen the LF shoulders drop 1 time and lost...never even seen the chest...

today and yesterday they decided they would see why i hate pick ups so much....so they head to ubrs...in a group of 15...with 9 of them being guildies (not a pickup really)...and guess what..the chest dropped yesterday and 1/2 pieces of other stuff i could use....and today theyve done 2 runs and BOTH times the shoulders dropped.....perhaps the most annoying thing to happen to me ever..lol

and cos 2 of their guildies were pala in with their LB shoulders of course they didnt need it...so the warrior grabbed 1 and the other was disenchanted....

dammit im not helping them when they help low lev guildies now lol....so lucky

Posted on 29 August 2005 at 08:40:21 by GinG.  0/5

HAHAHAHA .... omg ... so ..i was pissed even more by the weekend. was home at my parents place. for a little visit. i know my raidgroup wanted to do bwl. when i came back a friend of mine imediatly wrote me that they didnt had enough peeps for bwl so they picked up some random guys and totally cleared MC .... now i m pissed. cause they said they will change the system. means doin mc till shazzra on thursday and rest of mc plus bwl trys on sunday. the screwed me bro....
anyway i only need stuff from two bosses in mc now.
its the uber pallyshield from ragnaros (i know bwl can do better but we first have to clear it) and my hands from gehennas (3th boss of mc) and of course still the fuckin random drops (wrists and belt)
still looking forward to the patch. oh stop. forgot somethin. i do skill-up my fishing abilitys. cause there will be an nice event until patch 1.7 in stranglethorn. damn i want this cute fishinghat ;)
Posted on 29 August 2005 at 13:31:18 by Cheeetos.  0/5

hehe i want that shield too.....like the best thing there is for a pala :p

guh i cant be arsed to get a cute hat :p there's LF gear to be caught! :p

unlucky with the mc + bwl thing m8 - maybe spam them with 'guh' for hours until they change it ...guh works well :p
Posted on 30 August 2005 at 16:26:24 by GinG.  0/5

lol ... u think 'guh' helps ... ok try my best on thursday rofl...
hm... btw the LF helm looks like your an worker in burger king...so be prepared to have some french fries requests when u got it. :p
our favourit pally shoutout was ...when someone of our pally m8s won somethin in mc 'French Fries for ALL'
a forgot somethin i m close to fishing mastery. only one skillpoint to go ;)
cant hold it to have the fishing event on 1.7 and of courrse to gain the cool fishinghat.
Posted on 30 August 2005 at 21:08:04 by Cheeetos.  0/5

fishing sucks :p

and believe me it will! guh guh guh guh guh guh guh say it enuff and it pisses people off :D

and lol i know m8..but there's that little command of 'Show helm - tick box to show *un tick*' :p

and lol n1 at shout out :D:D
Posted on 31 August 2005 at 08:47:13 by GinG.  0/5

yeah but there is no tick box for 'show head' ...you know what i mean ;)
Posted on 01 September 2005 at 15:31:34 by Cheeetos.  0/5

eheh cos dwarves suck u mean? :p
Posted on 03 September 2005 at 15:03:22 by Cheeetos.  0/5

how much fr you got buffed/unbuffed m8?

atm mine is really sucking :p

with just my fire resis gear i have 41

with druid buff + aura i have 101

donno if any other buffs for it :p
Posted on 06 September 2005 at 13:00:02 by GinG.  0/5

arrr... drui buff + aura does not stack ;)
that means u only benefit from the +10 to all values... but your aura is more worth than druis.
at ragnaros i got about 250-260 FR buffed its enough to have a "very good" FR.
normaly with my usual equip i have without aura about 70. with special necklet 80-85. with schild 95-100 and with aura an schild 155-160
news from me and my homys ;)
we layed Razogore on sunday and we try to kick Vaelestras ass today. hold some thumbs for us ;)
Posted on 06 September 2005 at 17:54:15 by Cheeetos.  0/5

:o nice fr

ohhhhhhhhhhh :D gratz gl m8 :D

( i know druid buff doesnt stack btw)
Posted on 07 September 2005 at 08:52:34 by GinG.  0/5

rechecked my fr. i got 178 wihtout shield :) so 193 with :)
Posted on 09 September 2005 at 13:46:12 by GinG.  0/5

woho yesterday shazzra in 2 an a half hour.
and you know what it was mage an pally day. legplates shoulders and gauntlets dropped for pallys.
a and magmatempered boots too ... um.. and this epic warrior shield ..which noone needed so a pally of us rolled a 1 on shild and on booths lucky one right ;-)
i was lucky enough to get the gauntlets. now only wrists and girdle are left. 6/8 LB complete set i m comin.
not to forget that i ve already startet to collect for tier 2 set too.
1/8 from Judgement. ( hope ony drops head tomorrow and ragi the legs on sunday ... so would be first set bonus of judgment.. i m very excited on it.)
also need to collect some few more market of agent dawn for +5 fr enchant on shoulder.
i than will have 200 fr with aura.
stay tunned on the GinG info-channel ;)
Posted on 09 September 2005 at 22:33:45 by Cheeetos.  0/5

woo lots :p

nice at shazz + droppies m8 :D

heheeh nice on the gaunts :D:D LB looks so cool full set :p

bleh i was grouped with m8 chatting...and a m8 of his was in too chattin (a guildie) was speaking about ony (which they have now) and said 'hope she doesn't drop two lb helms again'    i was like :o :o

++ BAH! to u and ur evil fr  :p
Posted on 11 September 2005 at 21:58:20 by Cheeetos.  0/5

think im finally dropping WoW m8 :p

gonna go bk to FFXI...i just dont have the time any more...it takes me 5 full runs of MC (like 5+hours) to get even near to the point to have a chance of a drop i may make decent bid so that i can improve

+FFXI looks mucho cooler + has some nice stuffies from what i remember

Posted on 12 September 2005 at 08:58:06 by GinG.  0/5

ok. sad to hear. i ll still stay some month here. We are to sucessful on our servers. We got almost all first kills.
And still do the first kills in BWL.
GL and HF in FFXI
Posted on 12 September 2005 at 17:35:49 by Cheeetos.  0/5

hehe heard u cant take the last boss in bwl...the fscker is bugged to hell

and thx m8 + u2 :D
Posted on 02 March 2006 at 08:31:46 by Cheeetos.  0/5

i wonder if there's life here :p

got back into WoW....had to regain all my stuff cos i sold it..got most of it back now......full out healadin specced, easily out-doing he priests ^^
Posted on 21 March 2006 at 14:22:55 by GinG.  0/5

hm.... hehe ... yes it cought you again ...it catches everyone ...you can run you can hide but wow will get you :)
so.... i m also a fully healadin now since 1.9 came out.
doin our way now trough AQ40.... hoping that we can kick twin emperors ass today :)
mc is aeh ...well twink equiping area ;)
and bwl is farmstatus for several month now....
btw ...aq40 drops suck anyway and all pallys looking foward to naxxramas....
ah btw ... got an lvl 60 rouge (mostly fully epic) and a lvl 60 priest alt (partly epic) .... so .... less time for quake ...still .. :)
but was nice to here from you again chee :)
keep it up and ...mheeeeeee :p
Posted on 21 March 2006 at 17:08:55 by Cheeetos.  0/5

man you've progressed lol ^^

hmm tbh i've sorta found a place im quite happy at - we're really only on ZG but because there's not hundreds of us at level 60 it's a nice place to be at - everyone knows everyone ^^

bwl been on farm status in our serv for ages too...so envious of those palas in full judgement ^^

yeah i heard AQ drops suck ass so not payed much attention to it

vv nice on those other chars ^^ means your pimped lol

btw you know if at your stage of game a pala needs to be so much in the holy tree? i was thinking once i get a better 1h and shield (and all armour tbh...basically once im on lawbringer lol) i might respec to 31 in protection and 20 in Holy - gives me improved healing along with holy shield (which is sweet from what ive seen in vids)

i don't really need SoC as with a good 1h i can use SoR and be quite effective



anyway nice to hear u back on here lol ^^


gimme more news :D (and tips for ZG 5th boss hehe - tiger i mean)


Posted on 24 March 2006 at 10:30:08 by GinG.  0/5

hrhr brother ...
ok my spec is 29/11/11 so fully pve skilled because ...if i want to make dmg i take ma rouge ya know...
with my template you got full benefit of healing burst and manareg  a bit more mana ...with the stuff from the ret tree you have some little dmg output when the enemy is stunned or confused... (you now soc judge with spell dmg equip is insane...who cares of soc itself :p )
so we do aq40 only because of the fun ... mc bwl farming ...is no fun ..the same with the lame outdoor bosses.... so ..we just keep raiding aq40 ...
ZG is farmstatus to ...the same with aq20 ...got all three books now... (love my wisdom giving me mana back each 5 sec by 39/40
so tiger boss right?
just get three tanks (any combo you want.... even a pal can tank one with furor and consecration and here and than a soc judge....)
so now if you got each of the three in different corners ( not so close to gether because they will heal each other)
than you start from left to right to smack their asses to about 20%... after all of them have 20% ... pull them together and than blew the hell out of them ...they have to die simultaneously.... after that the regular boss will raise ..... here is the key that your mt gets aggro very quickly ... all other kill the spawning tigers.... after that keep dmg again on tiger boss... but dont forget spawning tigers because they like your clothwearers served warm.... if you keep almost all up with their lives there yhouldnt be any problem to slay this bitch
Posted on 24 March 2006 at 14:07:59 by Cheeetos.  0/5

ah ^^

got the exact same talent spec as you m8 ;) (good heals, bok, soc)

vv nice to have all the books m8ie ^^ - want the BoW badly :p

hmm, how many healers do you take to ZG m8? taking 3 mini-bosses at one time for a non-mc guild must be tough on the healers compared to what you have...

how's this for a setup?:

3pala, 3priest, 2 druid, 2 mage, 1 lock, 2 hunters, 3 wars, 2 rogues and it leaves 2 slots for whatever we could use more on the night


hmm sounds simple enough for tiger boss, just a case of diseplining and pre-planning on where to take the people to and who to do first - and thx btw :D


from bwl you ever get that sweet 1h mace...Lokhar'Ramhir or something similar

Posted on 24 March 2006 at 14:27:23 by GinG.  0/5

arrr.....ok step by step now :)...
so we normaly do zg with half twinks and half mains.... mostly following setup
3 warriors (you need them at least on hakkar) 3-4 priest 4-5 mages
1-2 locks , mostly 3 dudus.. (like that nickname for druids :) ) 3-4 hunters
at least 2-3 rougs ... and if we can get a pally ... but at least i m going in there with my rouge twink because my pally already has everything interessting in there he needed...
ya you have to be carefull the first kill attempt ..after you know not only the tactics but also how to use it...than he will be peace of cake....
that lok thing ...well ... thats a bad story bro ... i was in US for two weels havong fun and lot of more beer ...
when i came back we cleared bwl ... ( i was keeping my points for lok since month there) luckiely lok dropt ... my only competitor was a dudu , with almost as much points as I had to spend....
well badly ... i was still in the US drunk lag ;) ...so i missed to calculate the points from the actual run .... so lok went to dudu ... and I cut of a big part of my table with my teeth .....
and now waiting since ...i think 2 month now that this fuckin mace will drop again .... everything is prepared for it.... all materials for +55 healenchant on weapon ...
i m now like conan ..sitting on his throne waiting for the next battle ..and the next drop ....
Posted on 28 March 2006 at 10:34:29 by GinG.  0/5

did zg yesterday with 3 warri 3 priest 4 mages 2 druis 4 rouges 2 pallys 2 locks....jindo was peace of cake ;)
Posted on 29 March 2006 at 19:37:10 by Cheeetos.  0/5

ahhh unlucky on the lok m8ie - it's so sexy :p


and thx for all that info m8 - gonna add it into guild tactics/ideas/things to try :D


*short message as am busy*

Posted on 30 March 2006 at 22:39:21 by Cheeetos.  0/5


so m8, what's your opinion on these new set upgrades...i know won't affect you as much but meh - you might have some better opinions/insight on these new pala things than me ^^

personally am not liking the soulforge stuff...said its for casual gamers...but for sure for a casual gamer they will need a hell load of time and patience just like a hardcore player

relics not much opinion on...but the -25 mana on cleanse dropping from a boss in the hardest instance in the game seems a little....low...should have some extra stats imo rather than some cheaper casts


Posted on 03 April 2006 at 11:32:32 by GinG.  0/5

arrr... yeah soulforge isnt really the shit.... and for my personal opinion it is easier to gather T1 than the T0.5 set...
the cleanse relic is really nice ... might prevent me of running out of mana on the chromaggus fight.... want my 60 mana/cleanse back ;)
the relics are ...well .yeah ... better than egans blaster ...so we have to bless blizzard for those presents... dont you think so too ;)
Posted on 04 April 2006 at 09:42:55 by Cheeetos.  0/5

hehe ^^

i have a couple m8s working on their 0.5 and 1 of them have been lucky enough to get some of his stuff needed for free so its cost him 130g - the other guy had to buy it all and has spent about 300g.......really really not the casual gamer stuff

yeah i gained a new respect for that cleanse relic.....we did ZG and finally downed the 3rd (i know its low lol) boss (using my tactic ftw) and i was put on cleanse duty....6.4k of mana and 57 mana/5 secs (bow + my regen) depepleted fast :s need to get some nature resist potions

at least spider dropped us a real nice healer chest (clothy)

and yeah agree now that relics > egans :p


btw this whole 5 manning those lower instances is no fun either now...i got a m8 who re-rolled a lock once his priest hit 60 as he didnt like the raids as too hectic....so whenever he was on he was in IF spamming for a 5 man....now this new patch makes it so that all is 5 man.......great for him you would think?

nope - he's so far done 13 trips to scholo, strat ud, strat sc (total) and only half of them complete the instance... people from PuGs just too unskilled / shoddy gear    (btw i know its not my m8, just me and him in our green gear before farmed in tyrs hand at level 55 - i tanked 2 sometimes 3 at a time and he kept me healed ^^)

*reason to slap blizz on the patch Wuaa*   /slap


ooh and soon i might Finally be getting to MC - we recently merged with a guild we had been allianced with for months...because it went so smoothly we decided to look for another merge for MC - we got some people just working out the final details on it...they'll be bringing 30-40 level 60s ^^   (woulda been done already but their demands were stupid...our guild of about 206 people all set in their ways then these 30-40 people come in and havent got as far as us in ZG and start giving demands that would make them in charge? no thx)


ooh and another thing *lots i know :p* yesterday i solo healed ubrs 7 man ^^ - no priests or druids...3 wars, 1 pala, 1 mage, 1 lock and 1 rogue     ^^ -- the rogue did the walk with sprint (again my idea :p)



pow enough for now...i gotta farm me up some cash for +55heals :p

Posted on 18 April 2006 at 16:57:23 by GinG.  0/5

hm... why do not farm the reagent on your own bro :)
i got finally my +30 heal on gauntlets and my +33 heal on shoulders....still waiting for lok to drop again on nef ... we will clear bwl today ...so wish me luck ..(hasnt droped since 3 month now) ....
starting to walk around with +724 on heal and with seal of wisdom about 70 manareg
lok will give me a big boost on healing ( about 109 more) .... need this damn mace....ah and i am half cloth now :p
Posted on 18 April 2006 at 17:28:03 by Cheeetos.  0/5

i find farming in the hope for a drop a lot more tiresome then farming for a definite cash drop


sweet +heals :o atm i only have about +230...all plate except the gaunts (mail, 4 mana regen and 14 int..)

and deffo gl on the lok :D sweet sweet mace..

curious, if you have mostly cloth surely u would have to keep plate replacements for mobs that have a random charge ability? (like the jekklik in bat form) or else face the one shot treatment :p



Posted on 27 April 2006 at 14:11:27 by GinG.  0/5

i know most of the known encounters this day. i keep my plate stuff if i know i can be hit by bad melee attacks so dont worry.
but most of the time you are far far far away from melee attacks as a pally ..and guess what? magic attacks do not care about armor ;)
anyway with my almost entire t2 (7/8) i got about 9.5k ac that should be enough dont you think :)
Posted on 29 April 2006 at 09:22:06 by Cheeetos.  0/5

hehe your pimp ;)

got inv to a top guild about a week ago for a trial period...enjoying it - big change from only doing ZG to have done: BWL up to chrom (i had to go which sucked), all of MC, all of AQ20, all of ZG, AQ40 up to the twin emps and onyxia

makes me feel pimp :p

2 more weeks of trial, seeing how it goes

Posted on 18 May 2006 at 08:33:00 by Cheeetos.  0/5


passed my trial :D - now I can have an actual idea of wtf u say sometimes :p

was awesome spot in AQ40 think really helped trial :p - Princess Huhuran 2x wipe..each time came to me last...3rd wipe came for me last..1% loads of dots..i bubbled..when that was done i healed..when i started getting too low on that i lay on hands...and the bitch died :D

sooo fun to say "I can solo Huhuran" :p

saw something really odd in the guild though...a warrior got his thunderfury a week or so into my trial...a week later he decides he doesnt like the game anymore and quits...so lame to spend all the time getting it for him and having him go :s


meh im happy anyway :D

Posted on 18 May 2006 at 08:35:30 by Cheeetos.  0/5

oh btw maybe you can answer this..

the blizzard from the twin emp...is that based on how many people are in an area?

and have u downed them yet?

guild trying...so far only lasted about 5 mins..11 teleports..87%
Posted on 24 May 2006 at 08:31:45 by Cheeetos.  0/5


after doing a focus week...getting the ports right...getting the centre right...it was down to the healers ^^ 

last night (reset night) we downed them :D was only time so far ive felt a proper sort of achievement...all others were easy :p

now tonight (wednesday) time to clear back up to emps...friday down them...monday and tuesday on c'thun :p

(you guys downed thun yet?)

Posted on 18 June 2006 at 21:35:19 by Cheeetos.  0/5

bah the silence :p

well we've downed twin emps and had c'thun to 3% so will be down soon :p

Posted on 14 July 2006 at 10:38:16 by Anonym.  0/5

heya chee
back from long news breack but had a lot to do in new instances...
so ... we are only partly now in aq and bwl naxx is our new focus
in aq we downed c'thun several month ago as well as ouro...
btw i have a question... i heard rumors about phase 1 to 2 from c'thun that there is a new 45 sek OOC period...is this for real?
anyway... we downed yesterday our 3th naxx boss.... hanging him next to Anub'Rhekan and Instructor Razuvius ...oh btw it was Noth the Plaguebringer we also killed...man naxx is really hard shit...
but hey this inst roxx like hell ...really skilled power is reuqested...
going to down patchwerk on sunday or trieing to clear spider wing...
we will see how we handle it.
so thats all so far from my side... oh i leveled myself an UD mage to do more pvp in fun time when i am bored of just standing around in IF with my overstuffed epicgear....
nice challange to fight T2 alliance guys with my green/blue equip mage ...and nuke them to hell ..eheheheheh
greetings GinG
Posted on 25 July 2006 at 17:22:57 by Cheeetos.  0/5

hehe :D sounding good there m8

for C'thun - you only get a break whilst he appears if all the tentacles are down - I don't think you get 45secs

and you're on the exact same part as us on Nax - downed Anub, Raz np then some work on Noth and he was down (question - do you guys zerg him after 2nd wave or just burn through each wave then give him small dps?)

next for us is the rest of the spider wing...and it's damn hard in there - Widow just needs good awareness to move out of fire and keep away from the adds (they're hard to control) and not even attempt Maex yet

would like to down Patchy - but that's after we clear spider wing (there's another guild on our server who's downed: all of spider wing, noth, raz...lucky bastards - although there's guilds with 12 bosses downed o_O)

and bah how many alts do you have now? I still have my one level 60 pala :p

oh and - how long did it take you to get full t2? atm the belt hasn't dropped in 4 months, I've missed out on the shoulders once and the chest twice (the raid went on too late for me to stay)

oh and - we pretty much stopped AQ...so many members don't like it which is a shame as would love to get some gear out of there - just about convincing people to not suddenly "have to go family emergency" or whatever when the raid pops up

Posted on 25 July 2006 at 17:24:33 by Cheeetos.  0/5

something I forgot - have you tried out Visc yet?

got a little mod I wanna test out (for druids only) for the Visc fight but we're not gonna do it for a long time at this rate... it basically casts Abolish Poison on the entire raid a couple seconds before Visc poisons..meaning you only take a hit of about 1.3k without NR gear  - should work well
Posted on 31 July 2006 at 10:15:25 by Anonym.  0/5

hey jo chee,
we regularly clear the spider wing noth and instructor are also on our farm list.
We are now trieing to lay down patch. Yesterday a guild raid on our server did the first legit kill on patch because the wrath exploit does not work anymore which the horde used on there two kills before.
patch is really hard man ...i hate this damn healer encounters ;)
We will try vici when we Kick some serious asses in naxx like sapphiron or kel :p
We will try Aq next week again (every two weeks) but if we are that crap like the last time we tried ....we will drop it maybe for ever :)
P.S. O yeah .i have 5 lvl 60 alts now ...right now i m leveling a druid alt on horde side to lvl 60 ..you know i really dislike that crappy nightelf look.
Posted on 02 August 2006 at 12:26:44 by Cheeetos.  0/5

Jeese that's a lot of alts lol

Ah you've progressed quite a bit ^^ atm we're at a standstill - summer time has so many people going on holiday....Looking forward to the rest of the spiderwing though

hehe didn't know patch had an exploit? :p -- yeah I heard that fight really really sucks that hated blow or whatever every 1.2secs :p -- I heard just having everyone nerf their health except tanks and don't have healers top them up unless desperate..

sounds to be a really fun fight though..I prefer the healing challenges as I think our priests suck so need it :p

lol I'm sure once you can down thaddius or so then visc won't be a problem (thaddius another damn fun one :p move or blow up ftw)

Imo don't stop AQ...it might be a bit boring during the start but Twins,Visc,Ouro,C'thun all fun fights and the dps gear there is important for people like patchy - we have the same problem though of people not liking it so we don't do it often...

Ah yeah and finally got those damn t2 shoulders on monday - after it not dropping for ages we get 2 drop :p shame no chest




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