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 Maybe hmf owns you, but WOD owns hmf!!!

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The last record for the 2004!! gg lyor!!!

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Comments heh I'd like to see you do better tbh....play... (11/29/2006)
Jeese that's a lot of alts lol Ah you've... (08/02/2006)
something I forgot - have you tried out... (07/25/2006)
hehe :D sounding good there m8 for C'thun... (07/25/2006)
bah the silence :p well we've downed... (06/18/2006)
oooooo! after doing a focus week...getting... (05/24/2006)
oh btw maybe you can answer this.. the... (05/18/2006)
w00t passed my trial :D - now I can have... (05/18/2006)
hehe your pimp ;) got inv to a top guild... (04/29/2006)
i find farming in the hope for a drop a... (04/18/2006)
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