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 U told me i suck, thus i will leave quake!

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omg!! hitman,stema and missy in loonies!! what a nightmare!!! :)
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Comments i know most of the known encounters this... (04/27/2006)
hm... why do not farm the reagent on your... (04/18/2006)
arrr... yeah soulforge isnt really the shit....... (04/03/2006)
did zg yesterday with 3 warri 3 priest 4... (03/28/2006)
arrr.....ok step by step now :)... ... (03/24/2006)
hrhr brother ... ok my spec... (03/24/2006)
hm.... hehe ... yes it cought you again... (03/21/2006)
ok. sad to hear. i ll still stay some month... (09/12/2005)
woho yesterday shazzra in 2 an a half hour.... (09/09/2005)
rechecked my fr. i got 178 wihtout shield... (09/07/2005)
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