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 Nooooooooooooooooo! :)

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Omg!! 5 Tarzan for one Jane!!! something wrong in that jungle!!!

Anyway, it sounds like u'll be very busy Jane!! :)

Join !333!

  Firstly, we are glad and honoured you are interested in joining our clan, thank you!

  However, we at !333! decide ourselves who we think would be good for our group; you dont need to ask "Can i join? Am i good enough for 333?" and so on, unless you want to hear the same reply each time :)

  We always take a look at you, everyday, when you're playing on the !333! server(s)!! So if you impress some of our members they will talk to our recruiters who may vote for you to be accepted into !333!. We can occasionally ask you to have a 1v1 match with one of us: don't worry about the final score/result, we dont just look at that!

  Also there may be some possible recruitment sessions for tryouts, but we will inform you about this later when these sessions are closer to being held.

  So please, don't repeatedly ask to join, it might not help your cause! We will approach you to consider joining our clan if you impress us.

  Don't forget, we don't just consider your score when we choose players for !333!: your attitude is even more important for being a part of our group; we value your sportsmanship, your will and commitment to being a part of a team (team player), your humor, your friendship, your kindness and most important of all, your fair play.

  When you play with our tag you represent us every day, so you must share and accept our vision: we win and lose as a team, always...but we prefer to lose having fun and with a smile, instead of winning with wrath and blood in our eyes! :)

  And...best of all, this is just a game, meant for having fun, and this is what we mostly want!

Happy frag, Clan !333!

Clan !333!
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