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Omg!! new best final score in 54 minutes, 186 points!!

'Cheeetos says Thanks to all who helped with this by cheering me on' 

old records: nashua 145, cheetos 130, nashua 109



Real Name  Thibaut
Also known  ToKa, TKz, toky, ToKaGeRo, AmidAmAru, Hisoka
Country  France
Born  1986
Sex  Male
I like  my girl friend, doing many partys with good
 friends, quake 3 eFreeze, Quake Live, Drink
 a lot of alcohol,  read mangas, the fashion,
 video games,cinema,  all my familly,Kung-Fu
 Shaolin and finally Mc Donald's or
 Jap/Chineese restaurant.
I dislike  noobz who insult everybody, peoples who
 consider superior, the poverty, the racism,
 the injustice.
Fav. Motto  Never stop in a first disappointment,
 know how to go beyond its limits while
 having a belligerent spirit still by forging ahead

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