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Nice final score for nashua of tsw 109 in 20 minutes!! gg
Servers converted to freezdt
Site News... Posted on 07 November 2004 at 17:50:00 by Stema.

Hi guys, short news to say we have just converted our servers from normal instafreeze mod to freezedt mod. U can download the new mod via autodownload form servers or just pointing your browser to our dowload section.

I remember u that freezedt has a simple anticheat prog that will automaticly kick/ban your ip if u cheat...
If u have problems connecting or stuff, let me know via email. Anyway there r the very good Hod servers still on normal freeze tag.

If u lag u have to make sure u have set these commands:

  • cl_maxpackets 125
  • cl_timenudge -10
  • snaps 40

As for the rest,we won another nice clan war with Dod (3-0).We have the new record of 1-17 by Blazer in the high ping section. I've also added 2 new sites in our clans page, one for K&D and one for MoQ.

enjoy and have many frgas! 

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8 Comments - 5/5 - Votes : 3
Posted on 07 November 2004 at 19:18:32 by Steven.  0/5

woohoo hope this is as good as the eas clanserver..
Posted on 07 November 2004 at 21:57:21 by GinG.  0/5

where to find the commands ?
Posted on 11 November 2004 at 13:40:18 by MaD JaK.  5/5

cool stema my ping is back down now as well thanks


will this kick all cheats ??? ???

Posted on 13 November 2004 at 14:06:15 by MaD JaK.  0/5

this might be why it takes me longer to connect to the server or might be a new update i just got for my firewall hmmm any way i did not notic the freezedt part for the mod i still see the old one ???
Posted on 17 November 2004 at 19:53:09 by Cheeetos.  0/5

the server changes amigo

as it's a very... *errm*.....tricky mod :p

Posted on 02 December 2004 at 22:38:33 by MaD JaK.  5/5

Posted on 03 December 2004 at 16:52:57 by Cheeetos.  0/5

Just an advertisement jakie? :p
Posted on 04 December 2004 at 19:37:59 by MaD JaK.  5/5

yep maby i will change my name to the site on q3 or maby you could then im sure ever one would want to look at the site when they see a good player :)
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