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 Im searching for an european clan

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Nice score for Xaero in the high ping section!!

gg man!


Real Name  Mikolaj
Also known  
Country  Kraków - Poland
Born  1983
Sex  Male
I like  Music - Deftones, KoRn, Radiohead; 
 Food - Pizza
 Holidays in the mountains
 Magic the Gathering (fantasy in general) 
 Books by Cortazar, Marquez, Borges,
 Sapkowski  (polish autor).
 Film - Requiem for a Dream
I dislike  Ignorance
Fav. Motto  I should probably say 'Homo homini 
 lupus est' (One man is a wolf 
 for the other one), 
 but I better like the the one that goes 
 like that: 
 "A coward dies a thousand times,
 a hero just once' ;)

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