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And here is the other special award for best score in the second 90 minutes war we had for xmas party 2004!

gg king!!



Real Name  Mark
Also known  Gina, FunEnder
Country  Maribor - Slovenia
Born  1984
Sex  male
I like  this reminds me on "i will always remember.." 
 from the high school
year book :-)

 well, where to start, ow yea, spending money,
 that one should be
on top ;-) so guys, if i'll win 
 on a lottery, prepare, cos u'll get a half
and we'll
 have a
challenge who'll spend it more in less amount
 of time :-)

 having fun everywhere ..

 travelling .. always fun and exciting :-)
 (even more whenrenting a car and getting lost :D)

 of course pimpin' and partying ..

 cooking :-) ur own food is the best, believe me :P

 making new friends, hanging with old one,
 discovering new
things, places, ..

 in short, enjoying life :-)

I dislike  for sure arrogant and abusive people and those 
 who're using
their powers on/against others ..
Fav. Motto  be quick or be dead.

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