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 Laaaaagggg! Tolas King!

Night (Tolas) 
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Nice score with 220 ping for Moby!! gg


Real Name  Mark
Also known  Gina, FunEnder
Country  Maribor - Slovenia
Born  1984
Sex  male
I like  this reminds me on "i will always remember.." 
 from the high school
year book :-)

 well, where to start, ow yea, spending money,
 that one should be
on top ;-) so guys, if i'll win 
 on a lottery, prepare, cos u'll get a half
and we'll
 have a
challenge who'll spend it more in less amount
 of time :-)

 having fun everywhere ..

 travelling .. always fun and exciting :-)
 (even more whenrenting a car and getting lost :D)

 of course pimpin' and partying ..

 cooking :-) ur own food is the best, believe me :P

 making new friends, hanging with old one,
 discovering new
things, places, ..

 in short, enjoying life :-)

I dislike  for sure arrogant and abusive people and those 
 who're using
their powers on/against others ..
Fav. Motto  be quick or be dead.

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