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Can someone do better?

News about this site and 333 clan

Happy new year!
Site News... Posted on 01 January 2010 at 15:58:00 by Ben.

333 is happy to wish you all a happy new year :)


May this new dawn bring lots of happiness, good times and fun to you and your loved ones!

Goodbye 2009... Welcome 2010!




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Meet the new 333ers
Site News... Posted on 04 October 2009 at 14:10:00 by Ben.

With the new long-awaited season of eFreeze,
333 is proud to announce we have recruited 4 additionnal players so all please hail:

Benedikt (aka 333zodiac)

Dan (aka 333monkey)

Iliana (aka 333Ina)

Thibaut (aka 333tokz)


Welcome to 333 lady & gents!

May we rock on this season and defend our colors just like in the old days :-)

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happy easter
Site News... Posted on 12 April 2009 at 09:50:00 by absinthe.

333 wishes everybody a happy easter!

Since 7 years we freeze, thaw & have fun together, we hope we can keep this community up to add some more years to the fun!

Have a nice day with your families, friends or whoever you spent easter with!

Gr333z to you all!

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2008 XMAS Party!
Site News... Posted on 23 December 2008 at 08:20:00 by pSylle.

Hello everybody!!

As the tradition wants, and thanx to Adam ;D there will be a Xmas party this Friday the 26th December.

There will be a 100 minutes war @ 21 CET!!!!

More info there.

Merry Chistmas to all and HF


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Efreeze v1.2.0.
Site News... Posted on 15 July 2008 at 20:01:00 by pSylle.

For all those who wonder why they are kicked from servers with this warning message:


You have to download the last Efreeze version 1.2.0 @


Enjoy the new model setup menu ;)

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Site News... Posted on 10 July 2008 at 09:48:00 by absinthe.

Great Job Mr. AdaM!


<3 to all!

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333 Public Server Information!
Site News... Posted on 09 April 2008 at 18:38:00 by Decky.

Hey everyone! We proudly present our server current rotation with the image example and there you can see what customs we are using. Customs in use at the moment is:

fr3dm1, pro-q3tourney7, jaxdm8, ztn3tourney1, tscabdm2, natedm2, q3zvendm1, 5+, asnatourney1, annoyance, overkill, bubdm1, ospdm8 and ctf_spunky1.

You can download all one by one from this site:


There is also added older maps which might get playing time later on. As you know, all maps are .pk3 files and should be placed to your Quake III Arena/baseq3 folder. Thats it! =D. Then just go fraggin n' stuffz ;>


27.4.2008: New map introduced! Its called q3zvendm1.
18.4.2008: Added custom ctf map ctf_spunky1.
13.4.2008: Added ctf to our server (q3ctf1 & q3ctf2) with 20 secs autothaw time. That should keep ctf action much betta!

Here's the rotation image:


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Friendly clans page.
Site News... Posted on 07 April 2008 at 13:57:00 by pSylle.
Untitled Document


The Friendly clans page has been updated. And as you can see some links and banners pics are missing.

Please send me banners with 468*60 size with your clan name; also tell me about any changes and updates @ pSylle_da@hotmail.com.

You can also download our brand new banner (thx spi =D ):

Happy registrations on the sites ;-)

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