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gambit starts the best final score with a good 81!

n1 mate!



Real Name  Benjamin
Also known  Frozen, LKT
Country Paris, France
Born  1985
Sex  Male
I like - The World and the beauty everyone can find
 in everyone and everything and around them
- This very ability, high level conscience, which
 enables human beings to appreciate the
 beauty of everything surrounding them
- Partying, Travelling, Visiting museums,
 Learning,  Philosophizing, Cooking (and eating)
- Books: L'existantialisme est un humanisme by
 Jean Paul Sartre, Human Traces by Sebastian
 Faulk, La bÍte humaine by …mile Zola
- Games: Civilization, Poker, Quake III
- Movies: Scorsese, Tarantino, Kubrick (except
- Music: 60s/70s classic rock, Jazz, 80s
 (on party|when extremely drunk)
- Sports: Jogging, Tennis, Windsurfing (and
 other Sail-based sports)
- TV: Series (Lost, Desperate Housewives,
 Oz, etc.), Documentaries (National Geographic,
 History channel)
I dislike  Blind beliefs, Xenophobia, Ignorance, Sadness,
 Loneliness, Frustration, mpmmppmmmfmpmfp.
Fav. Motto  Gutta cavat lapidem, non vi, sed saepe




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