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Man this shots seems to be taken directly form the matrix trilogy!
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Comments with only 7 people to shoot at (08/27/2008)
yea that was a dominating game, on a non... (08/26/2008)
wow.. too bad, rip. (02/02/2006)
ahahah.. if i could be there.. it would... (12/24/2004)
ahh i could have beat that.. damn... my... (12/19/2004)
i will be in iraq like the 20th of janu... (12/10/2004)
ahh.. your lucky im not around anymore (12/08/2004)
hehe cool (12/06/2004)
random teams would be really cool, it would... (10/27/2004)
stemas is better, he did it on a non ctf... (10/02/2004)
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