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Great great score for XMan in 99 minutes of playing no stop!!! wooo :)
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Comments i was there Tooooo! (04/17/2020)
lol typo, whan 'e' to little (09/12/2005)
lol lyor had 302 and still the reds lose... (01/17/2005)
you will proberbly find me in the fun servers,... (12/24/2004)
btw what a weard picture in this post what... (12/09/2004)
why would it not count if its in a CW, CW... (12/09/2004)
cheeetos returns to rebby cos he feels guild,... (12/09/2004)
/me just get tired of you to, me just changes... (12/09/2004)
mmm i think he cheats the bot he uses is... (11/28/2004)
mmm that anti cheating system is not so... (11/14/2004)
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