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mmmhh well i think he doesnt cheat indeed...but i have some little dubts...we all know your_butt, he is nice and i've never doubted of him...but this time...his score...theres is something strange... what do u think? does he cheat? :P
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Comments ty stema :) (05/21/2006)
ok, here's how it goes r kid > lyor... (01/19/2006)
never left quake! took a small break and... (01/19/2006)
jester u noob ;p (01/19/2006)
god i miss my loonies :/ (01/19/2006)
Hah! Beat my 215 in 25, keep on training... (01/19/2006)
Look better Mad, it says his played time... (01/19/2006)
yea this mod owns all the other freeze mods,... (09/11/2005)
woohoo i'm there! and i didn't do anything... (09/11/2005)
how can the models be so bright red and... (04/25/2005)
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